The highly offensive and misogynistic quote appearing in the Punjab Bar Council’s (PBC) official diary had caused significant outrage among the legal fraternity – and warranted an immediate removal and an apology. Instead their action seeking the advice of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) after the ruckus caused by the discriminatory quotation against women is a mere deflection of responsibility and a tactic to cover up a massive blunder rather than issuing a sincere apology.

An institution, which is entrenched in principles and merit, printing out such remarks makes the gender balance and its opinion of women very questionable. Women for the longest time have played a very monumental role in the legislature of the country and these are not conventional roles played by women. Failing to recognise this achievement and promoting a very limiting view of their capabilities is a cause for great concern and one that can certainly be turned around.

Yet it seems that PBC is doubling down on their comments instead of taking ownership of the mistake on their part. The involvement of the CII will further complicate the matter, especially since the CII has jurisdiction in this matter.. At the same time, seeking advice will further agitate the public and reinforce their belief that the institution is plagued by misogyny - a precedent we do not want to set at this point in time.

In the last year, Pakistani society has seen a drastic improvement in its conversations about women. The immersive social media experience has provided many women empowerment proponents to reach out with their stories and push for a change. While the mainstream political set up was busy in the transition of the government, a global movement has pushing boundaries in online spheres. However, as the tensions have subsided, these issues concerning women are making their way to the institutions and it is the job of the government now to keep pace with the changes of the time.