LOS ANGELES-Dua Lipa says her second album will sound different from her first album because she is ‘’in love’’ with her boyfriend Isaac Carew.

The 23-year-old singer is happy with her British model boyfriend Isaac Carew and says her second album will sound different from her first album.

She told Entertainment Tonight: ‘’I am in love! You know, there is something really nice about love in general, but everything I write about, there will be a mixture of happy ones and some sad ones. It’s all about digging into the memory box, and kind of picking out different moments in your life that have impacted you in a different way. With my first album, when I wrote about some very honest things and then fans would come up to me and be like, ‘Oh, this song made me feel empowered’ or ‘I felt the same way,’ that was one of the things that really pushed me to write the way I do. So that’s something I’m going to keep doing if I feel it’s going to have an importance to my other fans.’’

Meanwhile, Dua previously confessed she has learned to be ‘’more open’’ with people because of her songwriting.

She admitted: ‘’At the beginning of my career, when I first started writing, it was very scary. I go into a room and work with different co-writers and talk about personal experiences. You have to learn to be a much more open person and really speak your mind and not be afraid of your own thoughts. It’s a daunting experience, you’re telling your secrets to people you’re only meeting for the first time, so that has to come with a lot of confidence. Now I’m a lot better at it. I’ve ended up working with the same people over and over again who have become my good friends, they know me better than anyone else.’’