LAHORE  -  A seminar was held here at the Government College University Lahore on Saturday to celebrate the late veteran Indian journalist Kuldip Nayar’s vision for peace.  Mandira Nayar, Mr  Kuldip’s granddaughter, and also a journalist, chaired the seminar and later planted a “peace tree” in his grandfather’s name at the Shahab Gardens of the GC University Lahore. 

Speaking on the occasion, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan President IA Rehman said that the vision for peace as perceived by Kuldip and many other eminent people on both sides is the only way forward for India and Pakistan.

“The price, which the people of South Asia have paid for confrontation between the two neighbouring countries, is enormous and you could not even calculate it. There are differences and disputes between India and Pakistan but they need to be resolved through peaceful dialogues,” he added. 

He said that Pakistanis and Indians had been the leaders of independence movement all over the world. “Among all the British colonies, we were the first to get independence. This was the only instance in the history when such a big colony had got independence without any external support,” he said.

Talking to the students, Mandira got very emotional, saying that her grandfather spent his entire life preaching peace and friendship between India and Pakistan but his beautiful vision could not be realized in his lifetime. He said that every year, his grandfather went to Wagha border and walked up to these iron gates and lit candles, wishing that one-day this light of peace would spread over both the countries. She said that GCU was the place where his grandfather was introduced to politics by the leadership of Democratic Student’s Federation.

Vice Chancellor Prof Hassan Amir Shah said that this seminar was great opportunity to learn about great people like Kuldip Nayar. “Peace, harmony and friendship; no matter how illusive they might be when it came to India and Pakistan, but in the times of tribulation and tension, there had been few individuals who didn’t waiver and whose faith in restoration of peace remained a guiding light for all those who subscribed to the notion of humanity, peace and tranquillity,” he added.