LAHORE  -  Pakistan Awami Tehreek Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri has said the government should not approach IMF to run the country.

Addressing the participants of an event held to mark the 24th foundation day of Mustafvi Students Movement, he said: “To ensure true development, we would have to crush heads of serpents of corruption. So-called democrats and political conjurers have caused irreparable loss to country.”

He said youth associated with Minhaj Ul Quran has sacrificed a lot to eliminate illiteracy, ensure true democracy in the country. Students of Mustafvi Students Movement has long struggled to purge educational institutes of politics, extremist, terrorism, Kalashnikov culture, and instead promoted commitment with books and Ideology of Pakistan.

He said he is proud of his students who devoted, as well as man of character. President of Mustafvi Students Movement Irfan Yousaf also addressed the ceremony.