MIRPUR (AJK) - The Jammu and Kashmir National Front (JKNF) praised the steadfastness of incarcerated Kashmiri leader and its chairman Nayeem Khan who is languishing in Tihar jail Delhi since last 14 months.

“A party meeting which was attended by all the central and district office bearers was held to discuss the prevailing political scenario and party affairs,” a JKNF spokesperson said while talking to media here on Saturday.

Addressing the meeting the senior party leaders and activists strongly condemned the fresh arrest spree in every part of the valley. They said that India through the hands of the so called administration wants the silence of graveyard in the disputed region so that it can work on its evil designs and implement its wicked plans. They have already jailed the leaders like Nayeem Khan and people are being intimidated at every step.

The speakers pledged that each and every oppressive measure will be faced with patience so that world becomes aware about the ground realities of Kashmir. They said, “Kashmiri leaders like Nayeem Khan have shown us the path of political and democratic resistance and that will be followed in letter and sprite.” They praised the steadfastness and commitment of Nayeem Khan and other political prisoners languishing in different jails in and outside the state.

Expressing grave concern over the overall situation in Kashmir, they said that political activist are threatened and their interactions with people is restricted. A situation has been created where common people are scared and they are intimidated in the garb of search operations and so called security measures. They strongly condemned the day to day military operations in the valley which are basically meant to exhibit the military might.