LAHORE  -  The Lahore Bar Association and the police on Saturday remained failed to break the stalemate created after an FIR was registered against some lawyers by Islampura police last Thursday.

Till late Friday night, both the parties remained failed to resolve the issue amicably. One the lawyers’ demand was immediate withdrawal of the “fake” FIR filed against the lawyers. They continued their strike against police over the “fake” FIR filed under various sections of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) and the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

The lawyers went on strike and locked all the gates of the courts premises. The litigants who reached there even from far off areas of the Punjab province were seen in miserable condition sitting on footpaths or wandering about here and there in order the kill the time or waiting for end to the lawyers strike. However, the lawyers were allowed to enter the court premises.

In the FIR, complainant Samar Riaz stated that at 12:00pm, a police officer deployed in the court of Addistional and Sessions Judge Azhar Iqbal Ranjha telephoned him that the court had summoned him within 30 minutes. Due to traffic mess, he added, he got late, and at 1:00pm again he was called by Naib Court Imran and asked him to reach the court immediately.

He said that he reached the court at 1:00pm. As he reached the court, the complainant alleged, the accused attacked him in the sessions court, thrashed and tortured him, and also criminally intimidated him.

He said that they also tore off his uniform and brought him to the first floor thrashing. The alleged that the accused also kept him in illegal custody in a room. He also alleged that the lawyers had given him murder threats in case he filed an FIR for legal action against them.