Islamabad-The local police have requested Chief Commissioner Islamabad to constitute a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to probe the incident of rape of a female constable a few days back in the limits of Koral police station here, said the sources in police on Saturday.

According to the sources, SSP (Operations) Islamabad police, Syed Amin Bokhari has written a letter to the Chief Commissioner in this regard. The police could not trace the culprit despite lapse of many days and hectic efforts. However, a few suspects were rounded up for investigation. In a shocking incident, the female police constable was allegedly raped in the limits of Koral police station on the night of September 29 when she was walking home after duty. According to the SSP, an unidentified assailant intercepted her on the highway and forced her into a nearby jungle where he sexually assaulted her.

The police have sought the JIT comprising officials of the police and intelligence agencies. The sources said that the police have also issued a sketch of the suspect prepared in the light of statement of the victim, Samia Abrar. She told the police that the perpetrator was a person of strong built, tall height, fair-complexioned and aged between 40 to 45 years.

According to the FIR, the suspect put a cloth on her mouth that knocked her unconscious. The culprit then raped her and fled the scene. The constable was also holding her official weapon at the time of incident which was later found from the crime scene. The police had registered a rape case against an unknown suspect and shifted the victim to the hospital. Initial findings suggested that only one man was involved in the alleged rape.

Earlier, separate teams were constituted to arrest the suspect. SSP Syed Mohammad Amin Bokhari was personally supervising the investigations and two separate teams were constituted in this regard.

The teams were headed by superintendents of police from the rural zone and the Crime Investigation Agency. The teams tried to find the suspect in the case and some individuals, including the victim’s husband, were interrogated but there was no breakthrough in the case.

The victim was married a year ago but then returned to her parents’ home after two months. A number of jirgas were held to settle the issue between her and her husband, but they were not successful, the police quoted her as saying. The victim was living in Khanna Dak area and worked in the second shift. She was usually picked up from a bus stop on the Expressway by her father. On the fateful night, she finished work at round 9:45pm and left for home armed and in uniform.

She waited for her father at the bus stop, and when he did not show up, she began walking home. She was attacked by someone from behind and overpowered, according to the FIR.

The suspect took her to the jungle where she was physically assaulted. The police said that when she regained consciousness she had been raped and abandoned in the wooded area and the victim managed to get to a nearby road. A case was registered with the Koral police against an unidentified individual under section 376 of the PPC and the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The investigators had sought assistance from technology and experts to identify the suspect. They also obtained CCTV footage from private banks and other buildings along the service road but failed to reach the culprit.