Actually, the invention of chorofluoro carbons gas which brought an bendably dickens that’s too menace and fatal problems as well these evils are amplifying as well that gas is being consumption now a days at anywhere but if we talk about ozone layer so the benefits of ozone means it’s having a lots of power that ozone layer, which tops harmful rays from entering the atmosphere which is being piercing due to this worst issue the Sani fury system and endearment are not presence so by using and consumption of chorofluruo carbons gas the pollution are being and it will effects the global warming. The global will victim of warming.

So at last I request that immediate maintain your struggle to stop consumption of chorofluoro carbons gas due to which the ozone is piercing and the global is effecting many problems so kindly this new invention of chorofluruo carbons gas should be stop as soon as possible as well that can be big benefaction so take action.


Kech, September 24.