Karachi  -  City Mayor Wasim Akhtar said on Saturday that youth should raise their voice about problems of the city and speak on Karachi’s problems as much as possible.

He said the youth had a strong and energetic voice and they could bring about change in the society. He said this while addressing the Iqra Youth Parliament, where he was invited as the chief guest. Chancellor of Iqra University Anid Lakhani and vice chancellor were also present on this occasion.

The mayor also administered oath to speaker of the youth parliament Syeda Ayesha Zeeshan. He said the city population was about 30 million, but it did not have sufficient resources to solve its problems. He said development work in all over the world is done by municipal bodies, but in Pakistan this is done by members of the national and provincial assemblies. All powers are with the members of the assemblies, he added.

He said that elections of local bodies were held on the directives of the Supreme Court but all powers and authority are still the political leadership sitting in the national and provincial assemblies.

He said that sewerage water was being treated in the world for reuse, but “we throw all this water into sea and pollute our seashore”. He said the government could not solve its own problems in five years and citizens suffered due to this. He said that Karachi had no water, no sewerage system, no health system and no transport facilities therefore people were suffering.

He said, “We are still following the British made system in our country. We are giving money to China for removal of garbage whereas other countries are making energy from this.” He said that “we have a lot of problems, which need to be solved now”.