The criminal activities have increased at alarming rate in Federal capital during the past several months.The inner sources have revealed that crime rate increased in city three hundred percent owing to the unprofessional attitude of police officials. They stated that both IG and Federal Minister for interior are not paying any heed towards the alarming problems.

Most the recruitments of SHOs level had been done after taking heavy bribery as federal capital seen a spike in the crime rate. The incumbent government, during its twelve months, has seen an astounding increase of 300 per cent in crimes including murders and attempt to murders, kidnapping, robberies and thefts.

Sources stated that police performance is very poor during the current tenure of Federal Minister for Interior Ijaz Shah. They revealed that Interior Minister Ijaz Shah had earlier directed secretary establishment division that those police personnel who have completed their job time period should be changed from Federal capital. However, IG Islamabad deliberately stopped all such postings.

Again minister directed the concerned department to immediately transfers the officers, however it order hadn’t obeyed. Now the land grabbers were again fully active in different areas of federal capital. Number of incidents of car and motorbike theft, home burglaries and snatching at gunpoint took place in the current year.