Its seems that from many decades Pakistan is facing numberless issues and from those some are focused and somehow progress is made on them and some of them are turned a blind eyes, like Information Technology and Cyber Security, although these areas are world changing and overall countries except Pakistan are doing tremendous kind of researching to make these areas advanced and spend more then 75% of there yearly budget.

They are spending such huge kind of amount because they know that only these are the areas which can bring improvement in system and make country powerful more then others. We have amazing example of 5G war, which was only held between china and US, although China and US are nuclear power countries but now whosoever created 5G is the worlds leading and powerful country and that is not US but that is china, how recently created 5G and become super power country.

If we talk about cyber security, you see, recently Pakistan was attacked by some of foreigner hackers and every body knows that Pakistan has no updated technology which can prevent this malicious kind of attacks. We all know that this is not an era where war between two countries take place like huge amount of army from both side come infront of each other and keep fighting for several days, weeks or months until it ends. As old wars had taken place.

But now if any two countries are having war that will only be cyber war (a person of any country fires a cyber attack to another from there home) it’s two easy to have war now days. After knowing that we still have’nt yet taken any kind of preventive measures to prevent such unforeseen attacks and keep our country safe. In last, in order to keep the country safe, the only way is to focus on IT, cyber security and keep continuously researching on that area. So that inshallah in future we will make our country advanced and super power like China.