KHAIRPUR      -    A man along with three sons died after consuming toxic food near Pano Aqil on Sunday.

According to details, a family of Indher community ate poisonous food in village Satabo Indher of Taluka Pano Aqil and went unconscious and they were brought to Sukkur Hospital, and later they were referred to Karachi Hospital. Where three real brothers including Mujeeb Indher, Moeen Indher and Shamsuddin Indher and their father Aijaz Ali Indher died.

The condition of another minor brother Sheeraz Indher was to be stated critical. After received information, the mother of deceased sons went in comma and her condition was also serious. On the other hand, a paternal uncle of the deceased alleged that they were poisoned by their step-grandmother. While, the medical report is awaited after further action will be taken.