ISLAMABAD   -   The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on  Monday clarified that in all as many as 299 election petitions were filed for the National Assembly and provincial assembly constituencies, following the 2018 general election.

The ECP issued a statement here in response to various statements regarding the general election and the petitions filed by various political parties and independent candidates. The Election Commission explained that out of these 299, the election tribunals had given judgements regarding 210 petitions so far. “Following the different views expressed by various political parties on the 2018 elections, the media is seeking clarifications on the election petitions filed by the Election Commission and the decisions taken on them: a clarification has been given in this regard,” said the ECP statement.

After the general elections in the country, a total of 299 election petitions were filed by various political parties and candidates. PPP candidates filed 9 election petitions regarding the National Assembly constituencies and 20 for the provincial assembly constituencies. Hence, PPP filed a total of 29 petitions. PML-N candidates filed a total of 15 petitions for National Assembly constituencies and 28 for provincial assembly constituencies and the total number of petitions stood at 43.

Moreover, the ruling PTI candidates filed 23 petitions for National Assembly and 53 provincial assembly constituencies. And, hence it filed maximum 76 petitions. In addition, other political parties and independent candidates had filed 151 election petitions for the National Assembly and provincial assemblies.