ISLAMABAD   -   Custodian of Golra Sharif Shrine Pir Nizamuddin Jami on Tuesday announced to start countrywide visits from next month to promote culture of tolerance in the society and harmony among different sects aimed at forging greater national unity at every level. During the visits, he would hold meetings with Ulema and religious scholars belonging to different schools of thought with special focus on ending the extremism tendencies with the power of national unity, according to a news release. The management of Golra Shrine has also planned to hold a Khatm-e-Nabuwat (Peace Be Upon Him) conference during the month of November.

Meanwhile, a reference was held in memory of Pir Nasirddin Nasir in which ulema, religious scholars and devotees from across the country participated.

Addressing the participants, Pir Jami said Islam was the religion of peace and harmony, which had nothing to do with extremism and terrorism. Later, he prayed for peace, progress and prosperity of the country, besides greater unity among the Ummah.