ISLAMABAD - Mayor of Islamabad Shaikh Anser Aziz yesterday resigned from his office in protest against the federal government’s alleged attempt to oust him or clip his powers.  

In a fresh attempt on Monday last, after getting federal government’s approval, the Ministry of Interior through a notification placed almost all important departments of MCI under the administrative control of CDA for next six months on interim basis.  

Responding to that the Mayor of Islamabad tendered his resignation and issued it to the media yesterday.

“The way we have been pushed to the wall with all powers taken back by the federal government, MCI can no longer serve its dearest citizens,” he said while posting his resignation letter on the twitter and added: “Better to quit if can’t help my people. I have resigned as Mayor Islamabad.”

He further complained that MCI had funds but the finance department has not allowed to allow release of those funds. He said, “still we did our best to keep things moving but now all departments under MCI have been withdrawn and handed over to CDA.”

“I am thankful to my dearest citizens of Islamabad who supported us like a family and pointed out where we were weak, appreciated us where we were strong.”, he said, adding: “We all worked together to make Islamabad beautiful, clean, green, healthy and safest.” Shaikh Anser Aziz, who belongs to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, was elected as Mayor in 2015 and few months later he was also made head of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). However, after one year, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) declared his appointment as Chairman CDA null and void and removed him from the position. 

After the establishment of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad, the employees and assets of the CDA were devolved to MCI and accordingly 23 departments were placed under the administrative control of the mayor. However, no funds were given to the MCI and CDA was releasing funds as loan under interim arrangements but that was quite insufficient for the service delivery in the city.

Meanwhile, the incumbent government of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf remained hostile towards the local government of the capital city since its formation as it is headed by the Mayor, who represents PML-N.