Recently another daughter of the nation became a victim of our silence and our aloofness in the Gujarpura tragedy. In my opinion, it is our decades-long silence against the system that has led to such debacles. As usual, this tragedy has also woken up the nation temporarily, but this awareness is for a few days; we will go in deep slumber until another fiasco. If we had struggled incessantly for a change in the system instead of demanding a public hanging for the culprit in the Zainab case then another daughter of Eve would not have suffered such a fate.

In fact, this time round, we should demand for a change in the system rather than pressuring the government to catch and punish the culprits. We should sit quietly until we find a permanent solution for these vultures of society. If it were up to them, they would swallow everything made of flesh and blood whole along with the bones because in this senseless society, there is no one to question them or to give justice to the victims. We will have to change our thinking and give women their rightful place in society; the place which should be awarded to them in any Islamic welfare system. Society will have to be given awareness about their regard, honour, respect and position. We will have to talk about every due right of women in our curricular and extracurricular spheres. Those rights that have been promised to them by Allah Almighty and the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

There is a need for more legislation on this issue, as well as establishing dominance of law in society. It is way past the time for discussions; now it is time for action. Regrettably, the government is busy in giving clarifications and pressuring the police who have neither been given proper facilities nor any effective system. Here, the race is on to see who changes more IGs. If the N league had changed six IGs in Punjab, must PTI follow suit as well? Why doesn’t the government comprehend that changing the head of the institution regularly isn’t making things right, rather this step is making things worse. On the other hand, the statements of the CCPO Lahore are very shameful. I ask of those who say that rape is the result of a woman travelling alone; whether the woman should be buried along with a defendant of her honour? The vultures here don’t even leave the dead alone in their graves. If only one had talked about that lady, her exploitation, her suffering, her protection, our outdated system and it’s up gradation, I wouldn’t have felt so much pain. Motorways are considered safest all around the world, but here, the lady is being advised to have used the GT Road instead.

One can’t help but commend the western system that doesn’t claim to be ‘Riyasat e Madina’ but including London, every nook and cranny of the whole country is as safe for women as their own homes. Ladies travel alone late at night but not much of this sort has happened and if something did happen then so many reforms were carried out in the system that the possibility of such events taking place either ended or became negligible. The only difference is that here in Britain, the direction and intention of the government is in the right place. Police is independent of politics and there is rule of law, it has proper facilities to protect the citizens and has complete backing of morality and the law. The police department is trained well so that it can do its job appropriately.

Here in Pakistan, the opposition is doing politics on this issue. Everyone is demanding that the culprits should be punished as strictly as possible but as I have mentioned earlier, no one is willing to change the system because as a nation we adore this system; if graft, bribery and dishonesty is eliminated then how will we get our legal and illegal work done? Who will listen to us? Who will regard us as the ‘Numberdar’ (headman) of the village? How will we dominate society? How will we extol our features? How will we gain prominence among friends and family? In our heart of hearts, we don’t want this system to change because had we really wanted this, this system would have been buried long ago.

This nation, suffering from hypnagogia, will keep experiencing this kind of tragedy until the country doesn’t bury this insensitive and bare system that is based on injustice. But what to do, dear companions? I firmly believe that there are good people around us who are our pride and our last hope as well. Now it is their responsibility to rise up against this cancer of the society and battle these wolves and vultures till their last breath. Give awareness to the people and vehemently demand the government to uproot this brutal and unjust system. Time will pass but history will decide what our role against this atrocious system was.