ISLAMABAD   -   Senate Special Committee will soon give its recommendations to the house to amend the existing rules of business in the Senate empowering the house committees to enforce attendance of any person or government official. 

The special committee is reviewing the existing Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Senate, 2012 and practices pertaining to powers of the Senate committees for enforcing attendance of any person. 

The committee held its meeting, the other day, under the chair of its Convener Senator Farooq H Naek which was attended by senators Muhammad Ali Khan Saif and Mustafa Nawaz Khokar. 

The committee discussed the proposed amendments in detail and decided to examine international best practices with regard to the powers of parliamentary committees for enforcing attendance of any person.  

The members gave recommendations while emphasising the need to make the committee system more strengthened viz-a-viz attendance of officials. 

The committee will soon finalise its recommendations for the house to make amendments in the relevant rules.