Emerging research shows that there are allegations of rigging and stealing the power of vote meant for democracy starting from the USA to Europe and then South Asia and Pacific Asia while the common complaint is of rigging. The champion of democracy has been seen openly alleging this complaint of stolen votes.

Manipulation has now become easier; even results can be changed through hacking from abroad or locally. The world in general and we Pakistanis in particular have to consider if the system is put in place through stolen votes it will continue to make the poor poorer under the stolen mandate. We need to have a less vulnerable system which may able to minimise the chance of rigging. Is there any system which would allow us to protect the theft of votes in front of our own eyes? It is unfortunate that this worldwide dishonest approach is denting and damaging the democracy.

Let me elaborate.

It is unfortunate to note that we run our national affairs on individual-based policies and not with the common collective wisdom. Do politicians work for people or power? Are we not progressively moving towards the hunger of power leaving the masses/voters far behind when we make important decisions at the relevant forums?

We have made the right to vote for the poor but we mostly buy it, adopting different dirty techniques, whereas the welfare of the poor is ignored.

We still have the mentality of divide and rule. We have not yet gone out of the white skin syndrome and still bow and consider white skin superior to us which is still controlling our economies. We treat them with a very soft approach.

We sold out our sovereignty to Americans by jumping in their motivated war on terror and we are suffering till today because of this so-called war on terror.

We talk of the rights of the poor but we do not want to give them their due rights. We cannot encourage the rise of a poor aspirants. Our political system is devised not to serve the people but to come in power to rule the masses. The input of the majority of people with wisdom is not allowed in the state development processes whereas the educated lower middle class remains deprived in the decision-making process as they cannot make to the provincial assemblies and in the parliament.

Please allow me to say that the bigger-parties do not encourage the evolution of leaders from the poor community but those with big donations are encouraged.

The government suppresses the freedom of speech at public forums and political parties suppress the expression of good advice within the parties.

Democracy with vibrant expression by the people is just like a statue and piece of decoration for the country.

The internal performance in the parties is judged and evaluated by the level of personal services and total submission to the leadership as I have seen some senior leaders crying in the parliament for having to vote against their will, but still voted against their conscience just because of the restrictions imposed on democracy via by laws.

The senior party leadership does not give the right of expression of thoughts in internal or external meetings. I am not being personal here but jotting down the norms of the parliamentary system and restrictions today.

This is the reason that the qualitative input by the leadership is less and the ability of our representatives is judged as how skilful they are in inventing “abusive terminologies” in the parliament time.

These “abusive skilful masters” are the ones responsible for bringing disrespect to the parliament and no one from both sides respects each other’s leaders. Nowadays, the same “abusive squads” sit on TV screens in the evening, show their abusing skills without doing anything positive for the public and such politicians are rightly termed the ‘Gaali Squad’ by Aitzaz Ahsan.

Kindly think upon it and see if we are in fact subservient to some third party.

I am not against democracy but with 55 years of experience, I can safely say that democracy remained unable to meet the requirements of democratic Pakistan and the reasons are now known by every Pakistani.

There is no concept of wealth distribution in our country and this has created a big gap between the poor and the rich. The middle class is getting crushed and fast sliding down to the poverty zone. The state is the mother and a mother has to look after its children but if the state itself is paralysed and confused then how can its people feel protected under the given rights by the constitution?

All organs of the state need to work closely and perform their best in the national interest. Our system has created an unfortunate impression of the civil-military being on the path of confrontation by some unwise so-called politicians.

There is one faction of people who thinks that the Army has a dominating role in our country; this impression needs to be looked into and washed away. The recent revelations by one of our politicians from Rawalpindi have taken the lead to expose the legitimate interactions between the political and military brass but the nation saw its exploitation which was not desirable. The law clearly states that the armed forces and the judiciary shall not be publicly humiliated, whereas this humiliation has become a common factor in our country now.

In the end, such efforts neither bring a good name to the government nor to the country. These moves prove to be non-productive and are a loss to the national exchequer. This race of governance in the name of accountability has never worked in the past as there is a very thin line between accountability and victimisation; hence nobody will say no accountability provided it is genuine and transparent and not create a case by padding just to pressurise concerned individuals to either change their loyalties or get ready for a long ordeal with the LEAs. Let us not fragment our society further and stop dividing into ethnic and sectarian groups as it is a highly dangerous game.

The politics of confrontation will bring political divide and I have to advocate to halt it and we must block the forthcoming irreversible setbacks because of our egos and personal gains where our country cannot afford any political or religious divide in the present situation. Let us hope that we may pass through this recent political shock which are not too political; more a war of powers and egos. I know it is difficult to run the state’s affairs on a day-to-day basis but I have a firm belief that there is always some solution even to complicated administrative and political deadlocks. I handled numerous complicated issues as a member of the PPP government and one day I will write all those experiences when even our own trusted minister left the government fearing a coup, but I believe dedication and sincerity with the right decision at the right time is the key to resolve issues. President Asif Ali Zardari needs some strong support to help him to steer the party out of crisis and I expect from other parties as well to not confront the army at these sensitive times. I propose to work to halt the determination of our political system and institutions. We will come up with a new law to set ethical and parliamentary limits to discipline ourselves to create respect in running our day to day business and to ensure the certain norms in order to pay respect to democracy and the participation of poor masses for their input.

The government has to play a role—considering my above observations—for smooth functioning and enhancement of democratic norms in our beloved country.

Author’s Note: Opinions/observations expressed are solely my own and not necessarily to reflect the views or opinions of my party. I hope these will be taken positively for national interest.