Sindh always reacts vigorously whenever division of provinces or separation of Karachi is proposed by any political or intellectual figure. This time Waustuallah khan was fairly flayed on social media for the same reason. Very few came to his defence and he had to untimely apologize on social media but to little avail.

The logical ground on which creating more provinces or putting Karachi under federal control is highly precarious.

Wastuallh echoed the earlier proposals that Karachi was part of Bombay that during one unit there were no provinces in Pakistan and so on. The highly learned personality of Wastullah Khan forgot that it was the colonial government of British who shackled the whole subcontinent in slavery, including making Sindh part of Bombay against the wishes of the people. Expecting the same from the democratic government is not fair. Similarly, one unit was imposed by the despotic dispensation of that time, which was condemned, resisted and called a blot on the federation, and that should not be put forward as a logical ground for the creation of new provinces.

Furthermore, some citing demand for a “Siraiki” province apart from Punjab as the ground of creating more provinces also cannot be juxtaposed with Sindh as the whole Punjab province is ethnically homogeneous. Whereas in the case of Sindh, ethnic faultiness has a highly violent and destructive history. From no other corner of Sindh, the demand of provinces is coming but only from Karachi where MQM had made most of its stronghold areas a no go area for people from interior Sindh and other ethnic stakeholders. 

One shudders to imagine that if the highly despicable dream of those forces who harbour the desire to see Karachi separated and MQM or its ilk with absolute control would make the Karachi a living hell for remaining all and plunge the whole country in an unending crisis. Lastly, PPP has no golden model of governance but if the talk of Karachi to be handed over to the federal government is based on abysmal municipal services and crisis created during recent urban floods, then Lahore and other big cities have not fared better either.

Thus putting forward these unrealistic solutions or demands is only making the matters worse by diverting attention from real problems and creating more heart burning and flaring political and ethical disharmony among the people of Sindh.