SWAT CITY (APP) - As many as six Taliban and 20 civilians were killed in clashes between militants and local residents of Mandal Daag village in tehsil Matta on Saturday, the District Police said. The pro-Taliban militants also kidnapped 14 local people from Mandal Daag area, the police added. The clashes erupted between Taliban and local people late Friday night when the Taliban tried to take hostage Pir Sami Ullah. "The local people took up arms against Taliban and killed six of them when they tried to take Pir Samiullah, the police said. Meanwhile, the Taliban in retaliation attacked the local population and killed besides making 14 hostages, the police added. The clashes continued on Saturday as the residents took positions on mountains to counter Taliban attack. According to reports, the security forces have also fired on the hideouts of the militants with artillery to support the local residents in the fighting.