LAHORE - The presidential election in which Asif Zardari got a heavy mandate gave a real boost to the credentials of PPP as a political party in Pakistan. The PPP not only got their man in Presidency with a solid majority and that too a person about which the party men have hardly any doubt of ditching them as happened in the past. But presidential election also resulted in establishing PPP as a the only party having roots in all the four provinces. Most political experts termed the PPP victory even much bigger than its success in February 18 elections. It is widely believed in the political circles that the PPP emerged as the only national party in the country with solid political base in all the four provinces, which is a distinction no other party could share with it. The political circles claim that the victory in the presidential election places the PPP well ahead of all the parties including the PML-N, another important political force to reckon with and with which the PPP ultimately will have to fight elections and compete for gaining the ground it has lost to it. Both PPP and PML-N also claimed to be the biggest parties in the country, but in the wake of the presidential election PPP has emerged on the top, way ahead of all the political entities. With PPP stocks on the rise, it is a moment of concern for the political rivals. That also explains the uproar against Asif Zardari, political circles say. It is not only that its credentials got a massive boost, the presidential election ended up with a massive increase in the PPP's strength in the parliament and all the four provinces. Most parliamentarians and Senators who sided with the PPP in the presidential election might join it in days to come. This is in addition to those political entities that openly opted for Zardari and PPP from the very start. The political circles credited PPP for launching a very impressive campaign. It was such a campaign in which PPP made more friends than the enemies, political circles claim. The major dent has been made in the strength of PML-N, which too had pockets of support in all the provinces, but badly eroded during the presidential elections and in the face of a pro-PPP wave swept across the parts of the country. " Nadeem Syed