LAHORE - Army cannot succeed on any front without the support of masses. If the situation is not controlled we would have to face 1971 like situation. These views were expressed by Maj Gen (r) Rahat Latif at a special sitting on 'The attacks on our borders and our responsibilities' held at the Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on Saturday under the aegis of the Nazaria Pakistan Trust and Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust. Other speakers who addressed the special sitting included eminent journalist and Chairman NPT Majid Nizami, Justice (r) Javed Iqbal, scholar and columnist Prof Ataur Rehman, Chief Justice (r) Mian Mahboob Ahmed, former president Lahore High Court Bar Association Ahmed Awais, Justice (r) Nazir Akhtar, Vice Chairman NPT Prof Dr Rafique Ahmed, Qayyum Nizami and Prof Humayun Ahsan. The function was attended by a number of scholars and leading personalities from different walks of life. "The whole nation was behind army in the 1965 war. The nation kept the morale of army high and they were able to defend the country. We had many opportunities to liberate Kashmir from Indian control but did not avail them. For example in the 1962 war between India and China the latter had told Pakistan to attack if it wanted Kashmir. Then in 1965 war, we again lost the opportunity," Latif was of the view. He said American forces missile attack on a school had killed dozens of innocent students and there seemed no stop. "The Pakistan government received money for allowing the shedding of blood of innocent. It handed over innocent people to USA and got huge funds in return," he said "What is happening in FATA will have impact on the whole country. 600 people have been killed in suicide attacks in Pakistan during the last eight months. Despite having modern equipment and weapons by Pakistan, how could the American helicopters have operated inside Pakistan territory? Our army should have immediately retaliated," Latif remarked. Majid Nizami said in view of the increasing attacks in tribal areas it seemed that after Iraq and Afghanistan now it is Pakistan's turn adding, "It was thought that Iran would be the next target but there is no Pehlvi ruler rather there is Ahmednejad who is Imam Khomeini's follower."  "We did not lose the 1965 war to India, but India being the loser had kept grudge in mind. Therefore it took revenge from us in 1971 when East Pakistan got separated and became Bangladesh," he said. Further talking about the American attacks in tribal areas, he prayed that may nation be able to give a befitting reply to the nefarious designs of USA and Karzai-led Afghanistan. Dr Javed Iqbal said a strategy should be made to counter USA and for that it is necessary that the issue of American interference in tribal areas should be debated in the National Assembly. He deplored the NWFP government for not condemning the US attack in tribal areas and suggested that people should put pressure on political parties that they must make the defence policies in line with the people's wishes. Prof Ataur Rehman said the US attack at Angoorada in which 30 innocent lives of Pakistanis were lost was at a place from where our army's check post was just some metres away. "Our army did not retaliate. The army spokesman said that attack was so sudden that Pakistan army did not have time to retaliate. There are 80,000 army men deployed in NWFP and attack in tribal areas during their presence is something that puts a question mark on the defence of our country," Rehman said.  Dr Mian Mahboob in his speech stressed on defending not just the geographical borders but also ideological borders.