ISLAMABAD - Owing to the criminal negligence on the part of Rescue 15 officials, the family of army officer was deprived of cash, jewellery and other valuables here on Saturday. Major Abdur Rehman serving in General Head Quarters (GHQ) told TheNation that three armed dacoits made force entry into his house no.277 St 31, I-8/2 Islamabad Saturday morning and took away cash, jewellery and other valuables with them. Extending the details of the incident, Major Abdur Rehman said that the dacoity took place in the jurisdiction of Industrial Area Police Station. He said my brother Atiq-ur-Rehman had taken my mother to bank while the kids left the house for school adding that my sister-in-law, niece and maid were at home when three armed men broke into the house. Atiq-ur-Rehman, brother of Major Abdur Rehman, informed that the armed dacoits manhandled her wife and took away almost ten tolas of gold and Rs 40,000. However, the maid of the house managed to jump over the wall and reached the neighbours and informed them about the incident. The neighbours called Rescue 15 who rushed to the scene immediately but played the silent spectators' role, he alleged. He alleged that Rescue 15 officials instead of entering the house, kept on waiting for the dacoits to come out in front of the main gate. The locals of the area told this scribe that one official of the rescue team rang the bell of the house, which intimidated the robbers to get vigilant and thus manage to flee from the scene. "Our neighbours told the rescue team that culprits are still inside the house and they must surround the house", said Atiq-urRehman. "But the officials of Rescue15 instead of surrounding the house, kept on watching the main entrance of the house thus providing robbers golden chance to flee from the scene, thanks to the strategy adopted by Rescue 15 team", he lamented The neighbours of Atiq-ur_Rehman alleged that they had informed the policemen that dacoits were trying to flee from the back of the house but the Rescue 15 officials did not make any move to arrest the dacoits, providing the dacoits golden chance to flee from the scene without any resistance. The residents of street 31 have strongly condemned the Rescue 15 personnel for failing to apprehend the culprits. The residents were of the strong view that policemen could easily arrest the culprits by lying siege around the house. The residents asked the Rescue 15 personnel to explain the logic of sanding-still in front of the main gate of the house while the culprits were managing to escape from the back of the house. "These officials kept on waiting at the main gate as if the culprits would come out of the same route and surrender to them voluntarily ", said a resident. Neither the officials even tried to enter the house nor did they surround the house, he deplored. The residents have demanded of Inspector General (IG) Islamabad Police, Syed Asghar Raza Gardezi to probe into the matter. The fact that the rescue policemen did not use weapons and allowed the culprits to escape easily even when informed by the neighbours who watched them running away, raise questions regarding integrity and efficiency of police officials. "If they cannot even arrest the culprits, then government must allow us to keep weapons for self-defence", said Sajjad, a local resident while demanding strict action against the responsible police officials. The investigation officer of the case Sub Inspector Ameer Ahmed Niazi told TheNation that an FIR has been lodged against unknown dacoits and efforts are underway to arrest the culprits. He refused to offer any comments regarding the inefficiency and criminal negligence of Rescue 15 team. It is worth mentioning here that the several incidents of purse snatching, mobile snatching and cash stealing have taken place in street 31, of I-8/2 sector. Recently, the armed guard of the aforementioned street had no option but to resort to aerial firing in order to foil mobile snatching attempt. Several such cases are on the rise in I-8 sector due to incompetent police officials.