PESHAWAR - As many as 30 persons were killed and around 80 injured when a suicide bomber blew up explosive packed pick-up at a check post of security forces on Kohat Road in the outskirts of Peshawar on Saturday. The killed persons included personnel of the security forces. The explosion caused destruction of a security forces check post and two commercial markets on the opposite side of the main road. The explosion was said to be worst in intensity as it rocked not only the markets and shops on the main crossing at Jangali Canal but also blew into pieces the body organs of the killed persons and parts of vehicles. Even a leg of the security forces man was found on the top of a 50 feet high tree situated about 100 yards away from the site where the bomber blew himself up along with the explosive packed vehicle. The explosion occurred on the day of presidential election and as a part of security measures, the authorities had declared the NWFP Assembly and its surroundings as "Red Zone" area. In this respect, heavy contingents of the police force were deployed there whereas the rest of Peshawar and its surrounding regions were left at the mercy of the miscreants. As per details, the personnel of security forces at Jangali Check Post on Kohat Road signalled off a suspected Datsun pick-up coming from adjacent Dara Adam Khel. The lone occupant of the vehicle blew up the vehicle when he was stopped by the personnel of security forces. The explosion was so severe that it was heard all over the area. The police check-post was on right side of the main road along with double storey commercial market, which were razed to the ground. Similarly another double storey commercial market on the opposite side of the road was also razed to the ground. The explosion besides destroying two double storey commercial markets and double storey security forces check post, caused loss of life of around 10 persons on the spot and injuries to more than 50. The explosive-packed vehicle was blown into pieces, which were scattered all over the area. An Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), parked on main road along with the check post was also blown into pieces. The explosion also caused damage to around half a dozen vehicles including motorcars and pick-ups. Soon after the explosion a large number of civilians and personnel of police assembled at the site but they didn't initiate the rescue activities when rumour erupted regarding another explosive in the area. The tractors, bulldozers and shovels arrived too late, thus a number of injured succumbed under the debris. The police authorities said that killed persons included six personnel of Police Force and Frontier Constabulary. Incharge of the Police Post Mr Aurangzeb is included amongst the killed persons. Kalim Ullah a Police Constable, however, survived in the explosion. He along with other mates remained in basement during the explosion. Only Kalim Ullah and Haji Akbar are stated amongst the survived personnel of police force. Besides Aurangzeb, Shah Jehan, Mohammad Ali, Mazhar, Akbar Khan, Niaz Ali, Sami Ullah, Fayaz Khan, Niaz Badshah and Nisab were amongst the Police Force and Frontier Constabulary, posted on the check post. However, exact data of killed and injured personnel is yet to be made public by the police personnel. Haji Akbar a Police Constable who handed over his assignments to his colleagues on the main road little before the explosion, informed that when he returned to his underground barrack, he heard the explosion. Zahir another Assistant Police Sub Inspector said that suicide bomber was boarding a Datsun pick-up. Senior Police Officer and Superintendent Operation Mr. Ghulam Mohammad Khan has so far confirmed it a suicide car bomb attack. He, however, said that more information could be made public on completion of the investigation. Meanwhile, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Darra Adamkhel chapter claimed the responsibility for Saturday's suicide attack on a police check-post on Kohat Road in which around 19 persons were killed while 80 others were injured. Through a telephonic call, a person introducing himself as Mohammad, spokesman of Taliban, claimed the responsibility for the attack. "This suicide attack was a reaction to the ongoing military actions in Darra Adamkhel, Swat and Bajaur," the spokesman said, urging the government to stop military action against them. He also threatened that similar attacks on government installations and security forces check-posts would be carried out if the military offensives against them were not stopped immediately. The NWFP Governor Owais Ahmed Ghani has strongly condemned the bomb blast.   In a condolence message on Saturday, the Governor described the act as inhuman, which should be condemned by every patriotic citizen. While expressing his heartfelt sympathies with the members of the bereaved families, the Governor said that the elements involved in the barbaric act would be brought to court of law. He also prayed for the eternal peace of the departed souls and early recovery of the injured persons.