Asif Zardari's credentials for Presidency are superior to his adversaries for a number of reasons; (a). AZ hails from a family that has sacrificed everything for this country. (b). Nothing has been proven against him despite a ruthless witch-hunt and character assassination campaign stretched over decades. (c). His media trial continues unabated even though no charges have been proved against him. (d). AZ languished in jails for more than 11 years and was subjected to torture for crimes he did not commit. (e). He dislodged the most cunning military dictator of Pakistan peacefully by his superior negotiating skills. (f). He is not a single-issue leader unlike others who cannot see the world beyond the restoration of deposed judges. (g). AZ believes and practices reconciliation which is the primary need of the hour.(h) As President he is committed to restore the constitution of Pakistan in it's true spirit.(i) For him independence of the judiciary is more vital than idolization of individuals.(j). He may have committed mistakes in the past but he does not claim sainthood because he seeks forgiveness even from his antagonists in national interest. (k). He has a much better grip than other politicians over formidable domestic and external challenges hovering over the horizons of the country. -AMBASSADOR (Retd) B.A. MALIK, Islamabad, via e-mail, August 29.