ISLAMABAD - On the one hand the presidential elections proved that Asif Ali Zardari is better than the rest of the contenders of the top slot but on the other hand electoral results in Punjab Assembly have established that Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) government in the province can survive without the crutches of Pakistan Peoples Party. The political analysts are of the view that the presidential poll results from Punjab Assembly, part of the Electoral College for the presidential elections, are of great significance as PPP candidate Asif Ali Zardari is only defeated in Punjab Assembly while in the rest of the three Provincial Assemblies and even in the Parliament he has swept results in his favour. For PML(N) too the results from the Punjab Assembly were more significant than the overall results of the presidential poll, where they were already anticipating clear defeat, because the future of their government in the Province greatly depended on these results as they were to prove their majority in the House of 370-member Punjab Assembly without the support of Pakistan Peoples Party. And they successfully showed their strength by securing 201 votes in support of their presidential candidate Justice (r) Saeeduz Zaman Siddiqui. Though these votes have not much bearing on the overall results yet by showing the impressive figure of 201 some 16 extra required to form a simple majority in the House of 370 had established that PML(N) government could easily survive without the support of Pakistan Peoples Party also part of the Punjab Cabinet at present. After the walking out of PML(N) from Federal Cabinet on the judges issue the demand from PPP to quit Punjab Cabinet was made by the hawkish elements from PML(N) and some of them see no moral ground for PPP to stay part of the Punjab Government after the quitting of alliance by PML(N) at Federal level. But as there was no formal demand from PPP from senior party leadership of PML(N) to quit the Punjab Cabinet the PPP members of Punjab Cabinet were still part of the government though they had stopped attending the cabinet meeting since the breakup of the alliance at Federal level. The political analysts were of the view that now PPP leadership in Punjab had little justification to stay in the Punjab Cabinet and their ouster was imminent and it was likely that they would formally quit the cabinet in the next couple of days. Earlier when the issue of PPP to quit the Punjab Cabinet was raised many of the PPP leaders including the Governor Punjab Salman Taseer had said that they did not want to destabilize the Punjab Government as according to them PML(N) Government could not survive without the support of the PPP, the notion which was proved wrong by the results of presidential elections. PML(N) has 179 MPAs in the Punjab Assembly including a few independents who had joined them after the elections and in the presidential elections they rose to the figure of 201 courtesy forward bloc of Q-League, whereas they require to have the support of 185 members in the Punjab Assembly to form government with simple majority.