NEW YORK (AFP) - US Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama helped out rock star Jon Bon Jovi to raise funds for the home stretch of his White House campaign. Obama went to the Bon Jovi compound in New Jersey and personally greeted guests who each paid 30,800 dollars for the privilege of meeting the nominee. In a brief address, Obama predicted that his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain, would increase the negative tone on his campaign following the Republican National Convention. "For the next 60 days, their assignment is going to be to see if they can snuff out that spirit in this campaign and to knock me down more than one peg," he said. "The reason that events like this are so important, we've got to have the resources and the energy and the determination to say 'no' to that." The Democratic candidate said he was determined to win on November 4. "I don't believe in coming in second," Obama said. "The American people can't afford for us to come in second. We've got to win this thing, and we're going to win it with your help."