LAHORE - The question that crops up after the resounding success of Asif Zardari in the presidential election and which the political circles will be asked to talk about in coming days is whether the Sharifs will feel comfortable to live with the strength they gained in the Punjab Assembly at the end of the day. The PML-N's presidential candidate Saeeduz Zaman Siddiqui got 201 vote, which is a tally bigger than its original strength of 171 and 186 a number which is required to maintain a simple majority in the provincial assembly entitling the PML-N to run its government in the Punjab without the support of PPP. Initially, the PML-N went into the Presidential election to show that they have the requisite strength in the Punjab to sustain its government independent of PPP. The aim was to dispel the impression squarely that PPP could bring down its government in case bad blood creates between the two allies after the Presidential election or if the PPP pulls out of the provincial government. It was this mindset with which the PML-N entered the presidential foray, as the victory of Asif was too obvious from the day one when the PPP announced him as its candidate. This is also the reason why the PML-N pursued a very lackluster and low-key presidential campaign. One hardly saw Nawaz Sharif going out to muster up support in favour of his Presidential candidate during the whole campaign. To man in the street the gains PML-N made in the provincial assembly are good enough. Some even believe that they are good enough to hold its government in the Punjab on its own without the support of the PPP. But political circles are not impressed with the tally of 201 in the Punjab Assembly, which shows that it has in its fold only 15 members more than the simple majority required to run the government. They say the difference of 15 members is nothing or not too much to feel comfortable with. The political circles say that it is also not clear whether these 15 members or more who voted for PML-N Presidential candidate have gone to the PML-N for good, defecting from PML-Q or it is one-time cooperation to the extent of Presidential election. It is believed that future course of those who sided with PML-N or PPP would be important. It is to be seen that what will be future conduct of these people-whether they show up in the meetings of their respective parties in future or not. It also needs to mention here that the PML-N was expecting 220 votes to be polled in favour of its candidate, but ended up with 201. In this respect Presidential election is not that fruitful for the PML-N top leadership as they would be keen to show to the political stakeholders. The presidential election also witnessed shifting of loyalties in great number. A major dent has been seen in the PML-Q's parliamentary strength, which has been reduced from 94 to 43 in the National Assembly and Senate with no comfort or consolation from provinces either. Some of them went to PPP; others sided with PML-N. Political circles claim that if this trend continued, banking on the support of 15 members would not be enough for the Sharifs. Independent political analysts, however, believe that after the result of presidential election both the parties - PPP and PML-N - will have to support each other for their political survival.