KARACHI - The traders and businessmen have demanded the newly-elected President Asif Ali Zardari to formulate viable and consolidated economic strategy for the restoration of macroeconomic stability and prosperity of the country. "The clouds of "political uncertainty" have been vanished after the result announcement of the presidential election and now the government should come up with proper financial agenda which aims at tackling the challenges of mounting inflation, declining foreign exchange reserves and widening fiscal/trade deficits accompanied by weak macroeconomic fundamentals," they said. Leading industrialists and business tycoons are optimistic about the economic outlook of the country as they are expecting that the 6-month old series of political chaos seems to have come to an end. The local equity and capital markets have been adversely affected by the financial worries and turmoil amid political instability. The growing economic crisis would go to end and the said development will also give a way to introduce sound financial reforms from the government. The government should strive to curtail fiscal deficit, recurrent expenditure controls, and rationalization and prioritization of development expenditures. Zubair Tufail, Vice President of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FPCCI) on behalf of business community congratulating PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari said that with the presidential election the complete democracy has come in the country. He hoped that now PPP-led government will focus on right direction for the betterment of economy and will do its utmost to bring back foreign investment which shifted to other countries during last government. It was the high time for the PM and President Asif Zardari to take drastic measures to uplift economy, he observed and government should announce new trade policy which must be matching with the ground realties of the country. He stressed that government should encourage for establishment of new industries because no new industry has been opened for last decade. Leading industrialist of Karachi Zubair Motiwala while talking to The Nation said that presently the economy of the country is passing through severe crisis which needs full time attention of the rulers, adding that the after presidential election, the Pakistan's credibility as democratic country has been restored abroad. He said the government should pay attention for salvation of economy woes of the country and suggested that the energy crisis should be resolved on priority basis which was leading to further increase in cost of doing business. He said and pointed out that present democratic government could use its good office for getting aids for development projects. He said that Zardari should hold meeting with business community and issue directives for redressal of problems. On the other side, Siraj Kassam Teli, leader of business community and former President of KCCI along with Tahir Khaliq, M Zubair Motiwala, Haroon Farooki, Former Presidents, Anjum Nisar, Senior Member, Shamim Ahmed Shamsi, President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Iftikhar Ahmed Sheikh, Senior Vice President, Muhammad Haroon Agar, Vice President and Managing Committee Members, conveyed heartiest congratulation upon thumping majority win of the election of Presidentship of Pakistan and prayed for his success towards achieving the desired goal. They said that the business community is confident that the country under his able guidance will move in right direction. They also said that it is indeed a matter of rejoice and satisfaction for the people of Pakistan particularly members of the business community that the electoral college with thumping majority has elected a dynamic personality as President of Pakistan which is indeed due recognition of his meritorious services to the democratic system in the county. As the policy of national reconciliation is the need of the hour and PPP having representation in all the four provinces of the Federation supported and elected to the high Office of the President of the country would strengthen the federation, bring stability and remove political and economic uncertainties, which are pre requisite for promotion of trade and industrial activities and socio-economic development of the country and ultimately in the interest of the poor masses.