Mian Nawaz Sharif blames PPP for breaking promises repeatedly and explains that breaking of a promise is prohibited in the Holy Quran and Hadith also condemns it. It is said that a person instead of blaming others should look into himself first. Mr Sharif has been the country's prime minister twice. Can he solemnly say that he complied by the constitutional obligation and worked for the social, moral and economic betterment of the country and its people? That he solved the problems faced by the common man? Did his government care to know during his two tenures as PM that how many people slept on an empty stomach at night? Has Mian Nawaz Sharif not heard these words of the Caliph Hazrat Umer Farooq (RA) that if even a dog dies of hunger on the banks of Euphrates in my realm, Umer will be held accountable by Allah for that? -MASHKOOR A. KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, August 29.