ISLAMABAD - The immense increase in the fee schedule of top-level public sector universities is on cards. In this regard consultation meetings are continued in the said universities to increase the fee schedule of M.Sc and MPhil students for coming session, which would start from next week, the reliable sources revealed to TheNation.   It is worth mentioning here that in some Public Sectors Universities already unprecedented raise in fee schedule is going unchecked like International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI). It is difficult for a student even studying under graduate level to keep continue his study due to lofty dues.   Likely raise in fee schedule is different from that annual increase, which have already been increased five times during last few years, as new fee schedule is under consideration. The increase in the fee schedule would badly damage the students who are studying there or seeking admission in these institutions. While on the other hand, unrest among the students and their parents is being witnessed due to the negligence on the part of the authority concerned. Father of a student told TheNation, "I want to deposit admission fee of my daughter, as she has succeeded to get admission at Qauid-e-Azam University despite that I can't afforded even existing fee schedule and increase would shatter my hopes ".  But administration of these institutions does not seem happy without increase in admission dues. While talking to TheNation ,Vice Chancellors Qauid Azam University Islamabad, Dr Qasim Jan said that they have already been giving the huge subsidy to the students in different sectors. "But now it is difficult to maintain this kind of subsidy for the university, as sky rocketing increase in the prices approximately have doubled all the expanses", he observed. An HEC official told this scribe that in the last meeting of these universities Vice Chancellors, increase in the fee schedule was observed. "It was decided that if the government would not release the funds to HEC than fee schedule would be considered as per the requirements", he noted. He said that it was difficult to meet the expanses and requirements of these top-level institutions therefore HEC has no other option but to suggest them to make increase in their fee schedule. He further regretted that Ministry of Education was operating without any responsible authority, as no Federal Minister could be inducted since 13 may of this year. Earlier, government stopped the developments funds to the HEC and rejected all PC-1, which were submitted by the said universities. It is said that increase could be reduced if government would releases the required funds. Increase in the fee schedule for already hard-pressed students would also increase the drop out rate from the universities. Due to sky rocketing price, lack of working opportunities, increasing inflation rate and now increase in educational expanses has multiplied the miseries of the poor students and their parents. It has become a challenge for them to afford the high expanses of higher education.