ISLAMABAD (APP) - Fourteen price monitoring teams headed by the assistant commissioners and magistrates have so far imposed Rs 1,60,000 fine on 261 profiteers during the month of Ramazan while conducting price checking in the city and rural areas of Islamabad. Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Amer Ali Ahmed also visited  'sasta bazaar' and fair price shops in G-7/2 area and reviewed the availability of food items at the bazaar. Assistant Commissioner (City) Maryam Khan said that the availability of edibles including 20kg flour bags at the control rate of Rs 290 has been further improved and streamlined in the 'sasta bazaars' and fair price shops. Later, talking to media persons, Deputy Commissioner said that two 'sasta bazaars' and 36 fair price shops set up by the ICT administration have been providing relief to citizens since the food items available at sasta bazaars and fair price shops were comparatively cheaper than the open market. Amer Ali further said that regular sampling was being conducted by the DHO ICT to ensure the quality of edibles in these bazaars. Seventy samples were sent to the laboratory for checking during the last four days. Deputy Commissioner ICT further said that magistrates were also addressing the complaints of the consumers on daily basis and trying to ensure smooth and sufficient supply of edibles in the city and rural areas. He further said that ICT was also exercising vigilance on the availability of the 20kg flour bags at Rs300 in the markets.   Besides this daily 15 trucks of atta carrying 500 to 1000 flour bags were being sent to the city and rural areas for sale at the 20 atta sale points, he said.