LAHORE - The Jammat-e-Islami (JI), following the victory of PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari in the presidential poll on Saturday, has said that Asif Zardari as President will need to present himself to the people of Pakistan as a different man from what he was in the past. JI Naib Ameer Liaquat Baloch while talking to media-men here Saturday said the Pakistani nation had not forgotten the past of Asif Zardari wherein he had been a controversial person but now as he had won the Presidency, he would need to introduce himself a man different from what he was in the past. He said the testing time of Zardari had begun now when he himself would be sitting in the Presidency, had the Prime Minister of his party, and people wanted his party to deliver. The true challenges for the PPP government had begun, Baloch said adding, this party would need to end the policies, which General (r) Pervez Musharraf pursued over the last eight years, protect sovereignty of the country in this so-called war on terror, and to counter America which now was out to put blames for its defeats and losses in Afghanistan on Pakistan and for that, it had targeted the FATA. He further said the country could not afford confrontation between Punjab and the Federal government and Pakistan would come under tremendous pressure if that happened. At present, Baloch said, price hike, economic meltdown, increasing prices of electricity and other utilities, load shedding and law and order were some of the pressing problems of the people and the first priority of the government must be to address them all. To a question the JI leader said the politics of coalition had failed to yield desired results but the JI would continue to play its role at the national political level. He said the PPP got power four times and never got the majority but came to rule with the support of the establishment. Referring to the repeated air strikes by the Nato forces on tribal areas, Baloch said over the last three days Nato planes were continuously attacking the innocent people, including women and children, in Waziristan but rulers even did not dare to raise protest before the US on the incidents what to say of countering these attacks. He said America had openly attacked sovereignty of Pakistan but the rulers were in a slumber. The JI leader stressed on reviewing the policy of extending support to America in so called war on terror and framing such a foreign policy which truly reflected sentiments and aspirations of the whole nation. He claimed it was blatant fact that America was an open enemy of Pakistan and its intentions towards Pakistan were no more a secret. In order to protect its interests, the JI leader said the US had designed to weaken Pakistan ideologically and geographically. Baloch said the JI had always kept high the ideological standard of Pakistan and would defend sovereignty and integrity of the country at all cost to get it out of the American influence and the slavery.