The letter by Dina Jaffery (The Nation, August 25) exposed real motives of the oppressors of Balochistan. Bramdagh Bugti recently said on some private TV channel that Balochis are fighting for independence, and not for autonomy. He said they will not hesitate to ask for help from India, or even Israel. After this interview by Mr Bugti, there is no room for talks. Islamabad should understand that the ostrich behaviour would not work. We will have to fight to keep Pakistan intact. Lately Islamabad has agreed to remove FC posts, release all prisoners and withdraw all cases. This should have been done only after getting assurance from Baloch leaders that they will stop blowing up bridges, gas pipe lines and rail tracks, killing innocent people and committing other acts of violence and vandalism against the state. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, August 29.