Mr. Musharraf wanted to turn Pakistan into another Turkey, a country in which Mr. Kamal Atta Turk scrapped all Islamic laws to make a secular state. After he took over reins of the country, Musharraf too announced that he wanted to make Pakistan, Roshan Khayal, secular. He totally forgot that Pakistan came into existence in the name of Islam on the basis of a two-nations theory. In his last sermon to the nation, he forgot about his mission to turn Pakistan secular. Instead he beseeched the nation to take note of his 'deeds' for the common people. It is time the present government considered his crimes and put him on trial before a court of law. The trial should be in open court and he should be given all the requisite facilities and access to public documents that he needs to defend himself. While in power, Musharraf used to say that the 'last punch' would always be his. In the event, he was knocked out with out a fight. -MUHAMMAD YOUSUFF KHAN, Karachi, via e-mail, August 27.