The Prime Minister has done well to accept the advice reportedly given by the Finance Minister and withdrawn his earlier decision to remove Mr Khalid Mirza from the post of Chairman of the Competition Commission of Pakistan. Besides, other members of the CCP took the stand that none of the relevant provisions for his removal had been invoked and approached Mr Gilani in this regard. Mr Mirza is supposed to have been highly critical of the cement manufactures accusing them of having formed a cartel and suggesting severe punishment to them. In this backdrop, and with the entire public groaning under great inflationary strain, Mr Gilanis action had raised many an eyebrow and led to critical comments in the media. Mr Tarin did the right thing to point out that the post of CCP Chairman was a tenure post and the incumbent could not be touched before the completion of his tenure. In a society where prices are routinely manipulated to the disadvantage of the consumer there is need for strict monitoring and action against those guilty of doing so. The institution like the CCP, therefore, deserves to be strengthened.