KARACHI - The senior officials and several other staffers of different sections of Planning and Development Department (P&DD) of Sindh have showed their concern over the nepotism of their departments high-ups, who played a major role in budget making process. They said that they have fallen victim to the favouritism of those high officials regarding the disbursement of honorarium amount. Some of the officials seeking anonymity told The Nation that they have refused to sign the honorarium bills to lodge their protest against the alleged injustice. The provincial government has approved Rs9 million as honorarium for the officers and other staffers of the Planning and Development who played active role to prepare 2008-09 budget, sources said and added that according to the policy an amount of four basic salaries was supposed to be given to each official. But instead of following the policy approved by the cabinet, the concerned authorities of the department issued the honorarium only to their favourite staff, officials said. Actually, the Agriculture, Health, Education, Industries, PP&H, Livestock, Transport and Communication, Environment and Science and Technology sections of the Planning and Development Department have important role in budget making process, and officers and other staff of these sections remained busy in budget making till late nights, sources said, adding a majority of the staff of above mentioned sections were still deprived of four honorariums due to pick and chose policy of the authorities of the department. However, the above mentioned sections of the Planning Department with strength of 5 to 10 employees in each section, really deserve for the honorarium because they worked hard and stayed at offices till late at nights during budget making period. Furthermore, the preparation of Annual Development Programme (ADPs) is also made by the above-mentioned sections of the Planning and Development Department. Even, the Planning Officer concerned has also recommended the four honorariums for the officers and other staffers of Industries, Energy, Science and other sections, but some quarters close to higher authorities of the department used their influence, made changes in the list and got approved two honorariums for above sections. Besides cutting honorarium to two, the amount has been released on the basis of less than actual grade of some of the officers. Lodging their protest against the alleged nepotism in the provision of honorarium amount, some officers have refused to sign the bills, sources said. Meanwhile, the officers and other staffers of various sections such as General and Administration wing, Foreign Aid, foreign training and TPP sections had no key role in budget making process but they got four honorariums, sources said, adding that the officers of above sections were close to the high ups.