Brutalities of Taliban in Malakand division for the enforcement of so called Nizam-e-Shariat is no secret. The way slaughter was done here and the manner in which dead bodies were hung on trees reminded one of the era of savagery. The very scenes of these acts on U-tube caused shivering in the spine of all those who logged on to it. After the military operation in which security forces had to face a lot of resistance and sustained heavy causalities, they ultimately trounced the savages. There were incidents in this war during which even the armed forces personnel were beheaded and the recorded scenes put on U-Tube to terrorize the humanity. To teach a lesson to barbarians, sometimes one has to act in the same mode as them. I have a strong conviction that those who are trumpeting about human rights of Taliban today are surely not friends of our people or state. When the operation had started in Malakand and Dir, they had kept quiet thinking that the security forces would be bogged down in it. When that did not happen, they started to highlight the IDP crisis, which again was dealt with promptly and efficiently. On finding no point to score, these elements have now started harping on the human rights of Taliban. Be very watchful of them. -ZEESHAN FAISAL KHAN, Peshawar, via e-mail, August 29.