A BOY of six has been found safe and well almost two years after he disappeared. Police believe he spent the whole time couped up in a cramped room hidden behind a wall at his grandmothers house. Richard Chekevdia and his mother, Shannon Wilfong went missing in November 2007 in the middle of a legal dispute over his custody. Last night his mother and grandmother, Diane Dobbs, were being questioned by detectives. According to reports, the mother has been charged with child abduction, and the grandmother with aiding and abetting. Police who raided the home in rural Franklin County, Illinois, US, found several hiding spots, including a hole in a floor and a hidden area behind a dresser and a wall. Master Sgt Stan Diggs of the Illinois Police, said it was believed Richard had spent all the time in the 4ft by 12ft room. For the last two years, thats where theyd been living. It was amazing." UKE Richard was a very social, very talkative, very polite little boy, and he was very happy to be outside. He said he never goes outside. The child was taken to hospital for a check-up then handed to child welfare workers to prepare him for life in the outside world before he is reunited with his father, Michael Chekevdia. Police visited the house soon after Richard vanished but found no trace of him. Last night Richard Franklin County States Attorney Tom Dinn said: We had suspicions where he might be, but we had to compile enough evidence so we could get a search warrant.