This is a letter for the Chief Minister Punjab. I am writing on behalf of the poor people who have applied for some financial aid from Baitul Maal, Punjab to keep the cycle of life going with whatever little handouts they receive from there. Even after approval of their applications from your office they did not receive any funds from Bait-ul-Maal because the concerned office (Baitul Maal Cantt/Ghari Shahu) says as the committee to give order of distribution of money has not been constituted as yet and unless that is done, they cannot do anything. They have told us that the committee has not been constituted for more than two years now. Unless the Chief Minister notifies the committee for this purpose, people will not get any money no matter how deserving they may be. As a deserving case, who had applied for allocation of funds for my retarded brother in order to buy material for establishing a stationery shop, I request you to quickly re-establish the Baitul Maal. Please help us. After God, you are our only hope. -MRS. MASOOD, Lahore, September 5