KARACHI - The risks of smoking, like lung cancer, heart disease, and emphysema, also include damage of skin by turning it into yellowish coloration, while smoking is the highest factor in wrinkling, revealed a research report done by Dr Herbert P. Goodheart. The nicotine in cigarette smoke also causes small blood vessels and capillaries of the skin to contract, and this diminishing circulation deprives the skin of much essential oxygen it needs to create and maintain healthy skin cells. Besides, one suppose that vitamin A helps cure acne, but he may not know that taking too much of vitamin A can accumulate in liver to dangerous levels and cause serious health problems. It is best to get vitamin A in moderation, from whole foods, and good sources include leafy greens (like spinach and watercress) and orange veggies (like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and carrots). There are safer derivatives of vitamin A to treat acne, topical retinoids and oral Accutane. Using Mystery Products including herbs can be as toxic and dangerous for skin as prescription drugs. There have been reports of severe toxic reactions, so you should be very cautious before trying anything that is untested. Applying topical steroids to face help curing a mild rash or itch for a few days or so, but making it a regular habit can cause acne and potentially thin ones skin after continuous use. It is not good to use topical steroid on face as Steroid-induced rosacea and skin thinning are much more likely to occur with the high potency creams. Moreover, if you have acne, shaving bumps, or sensitive skin, four-in-one razors, those that guarantee the closest shave, arent for you.