Word has it that the manager of 'DFS a home ware store in Londons up market Kingston area, is boasting to every Pakistani who walks into his shop Hey, your President has just bought a massage chair, like this one, for 1000 pounds. Would that be President Zardari, he is often asked. No the one in uniform, he replies. Apparently the store offers delivery services, but the 'ex-president in uniform preferred to get his purchase collected later by his own bodyguard, who turned out to be as huge as the Incredible Hulk. Well you lose a chair but you gain another, even if this one happens to be just a rest chair. * * * * * * * * * True friends, they say, will see you through when others think you are through. By these standards former President Musharraf seems to have quite a few true friends. Recently one friend, who happens to be Pakistans leading tile manufacturer, booked a Mediterranean cruise for 20. The star guest was Musharraf of course but tagging along to keep him company was Humayun Gauhar, ghostwriter of Musharrafs biography, In The line of Fire. Dr Ishrat Hussain, former governor SBP was there and of course so was the host and members of his family. Now with friends like that and cruising holidays to add, who would want to live in a bunker at Chak Shahzad with NS sending rude messages. * * * * * * * * * Did someone say we are in the midst of a recession. Not so judging by the buying power of Lahores begumaats. Last week, at the opening of a designer outlet in a high-toned mini shopping mall in Lahore Cantonment, women flocked the counters, dipped into their bags and credit cards. There was much to chose from, including the top of the line Pakistani couture houses and a range of designers like Ritu Kumar from across the border. We hear the buyers are still flocking to the outlet and the proprietor is counting her profits while others spend their time worrying about sugar prices.