It was a great sight to see PML (N)s Quaid Nawaz Sharif saying all the good things before a gathering of most glittering journalists around in the city. He made two things quite clear at this Iftar gathering. First, he is not in any hurry to capture power through undemocratic means. He was not even in favour of any mid-term election with an aim to get rid of the present government. He even disapproved any minus-one formula saying such minus and plus formulas are often sponsored by the establishment to undermine the democratic forces. Second, he was not in any mood of confrontation as it would be disastrous for the country. Even he made little reference of Musharraf and where made one it was too subtle, as if climbing down from a maximalist position on this count. However, his reconciliatory tone worked wonder to bring down political temperature in the country risen sharply after the two sides came face to face with Ahsan Iqbal issuing an ultimatum to PPP top leadership to mend its ways, even did not hesitate to implicate Presidency. It seemed as if it was the end of the road for both the coalition partners and God knows what follows after that. But the talk delivered by Nawaz served to settled all the dust and put back all the genies in the bottle. The question that comes to everybodys mind is then what this all fuss is about. Have PML (N) leaders been taking little more liberty against the party policy, even deviating from the line adopted by the Sharifs. Or some other developments changed Nawaz Sharifs mind this time. PML (N) leaders hardly bother while issuing statements on controversial issues that should be discussed first most privately away from public arena. Despite the reconciliatory tone of their top leadership they have always shown temptation to, especially before the cameras, expressing their thoughts and idea right or wrong, most freely without any constraint unmindful of the consequences. Now we witness the outbursts of same bunch of leaders going against their partys interests even. Take the example of leader of opposition Ch. Nisar who seems to on certain undeclared mission. First he on his own announced that his party would sponsor a resolution for Musharrafs trial under article 6 of the constitution. Later, we witnessed the party leadership backtracking. Now we learn that party head was never interested in any such resolution. Then the same gentleman delivered hard-hitting speech singling out MQM, opening floodgates of scandals and other stunning disclosures the heat of which was unbearable for the Sharifs as evident from the historic ultimatum of Ahsan Iqbal. After stirring a political storm, Nisar now is nowhere to be seen, as if working on his next move. On each count PML (N) has to swallow its pride. The party has to withdraw the ultimatum the very next day. Even Nawaz Sharif was forced to come in the open to do the much-needed damage control. As compared to the PML (N) leaders, those from PPP are more thoughtful. Most of them are seen all the time downplaying the loose talk of their partners. Even the PPP top leaders are in no mood to pick up fight with anybody at this stage when they have yet to accomplish a lot. The best bet for the Sharifs, a bit confused about their future role in the politics, is in engagement with the present PPP government and its coalition partner and not exit from the present system. Had Nawaz been engaged with the PPP, the issue of 17th amendment would have been a closed chapter by now.. One important development outside Pakistan went unaccounted for despite its relevance for Pakistan. Recently a Saudi Prince escaped unhurt in a deadly attack. The Royal family is very conscious about its security needs. Even a congregation of dozens of people, say Shiites gather for performing Haj force the Saudi government into action, let alone someone conspire to kill a member of royal family. Probably, it was too much for them. Hence, we saw Pakistans interior minister Rehman Malik dashing to Riyadh. The protocol given to him, sitting next to King was unprecedented, raising many eyebrows in the political circles back home. Then it was the turn of Pervez Musharraf to visit the Kingdom, being transported there on a Royal plane. Most dominant viewpoint is this that the two men went to Saudi Arabia to remind the King the guarantees he made vis-a-vis Musharraf. The more informed circles however, are of the view that Saudis this time were more interested in the security matters, especially after the attack- What government of Pakistan is doing to reign in the Taliban and Al-Qaida. In the end both sides were on the same page. The message was loud and clear for all the stakeholders back home. Nawaz Sharif is due to arrive in Saudi Arabia shortly.