The match-fixing scandal is the most vicious scandal that ever happened in the history of Pakistan cricket team. The whole nation watched in astonishment as news channels showed video of the match-fixer taking a whopping 150,000 for rigging the Test match at Lords. To make things worse, we all witnessed in shame replays of two fast bowlers delivering the pre-fixed no balls in the match. Pakistan Cricket Board has denied all charges and called it a farce. But denials cannot atone for the disgrace we have had as a nation. Millions of Pakistanis forsake their daily chores in order to watch our cricket team perform at the international level. All we have ever had from these 'national heroes is disgrace every time. It is significant to note that the money these cricketers make from sport is big. They are paid very highly for every match they play and also get a considerable bit of money from sponsors for promoting their labels. The amount given to players after winning a match is also handsome. Moreover, many players make loads of money through county cricket or other sponsored tournaments at the tertiary level. Thus, it would not be unjust to claim that the money they make from one series is equal to the money earned by an average salaried person in 10 years. So there is, quite naturally, a question as to what motivates these players to go to this extent in order to make shady money on the side at the cost of besmirching the countys honour? I think that is because a large majority of these players are illiterate and come from very humble background. Getting selected to play for Pakistan makes them rich, beyond their dreams, within a few months. Ironically, there is no remedy for greed and our cricket today epitomizes that truth near perfectly. -MARYAM DAR, Islamabad, September 3.