This is with reference to recent terrorist attacks in Lahore on Youm-e-Ali procession. I condemn these brutal attacks in the strongest possible terms. We are fighting the worst type of enemy, the one with out any morals or ethics. Even a country like India that has been our enemy for last 63 years has issued a statement that Pakistan Army can withdraw from borders to help the flood-affected people, we are not going to attack. But Taliban and the sectarian groups associated with them keep on killing people that are fighting for survival against the biggest flood of countrys history. One of my relatives who is serving in Pakistan Army has told me that he has been in deployment both on the border with India as well as in FATA area. According to him, the difference between the two is that if any of our soldier dies in a skirmish with the Indians, they always return the dead body in a coffin, with honour and dignity. But when our soldier dies in FATA, his dead body is always returned bullet-ridden and disfigured, most of the time beyond recognition. This is the enemy we have, worse than the worst enemy we have ever had. -DR FAREEHA KHANUM, Mardan, September 2.