LAHORE - Shadows of fears and doubts are gradually haunting the elected governments and the chances of growing intensity on political as well as judicial front are expected after Eid ul Fitr. As per reliable sources, even PML(N), a great and earnest supporter of the present system is reluctant to offer more support to the PPP government and expresses serious concerns in this regard. MPL(N) leader Nawaz Sharif and other notable leaders of the party now seem to be convinced that Prime Minister Gilani does not possess the capability of effecting any big difference between his policies and that of the president and he easily becomes a part of the system put in practice by the President House. PML(N), however, is still firm on its stance of not to destabilise the govt and this not to become a part of the process of rolling up the system so that some non-political opportunist may not try to get his won ends. The party also seems to reach the conclusion that is will offer actual resistance in case any such situation surfaces. It can, however, demand mid-term elections if the system is found staggering. The reliable sources are of the view that the govt might face difficulties on political and judicial fronts after Eid-ul-Fitr and some new crisis may surge up. Extremely reliable sources report that even MQM has also mulled the options left behind with them to leave the PPP govt. Activities of JUI (F) chief Maulana Fazlurrehman also heralded a danger for the allied government. In addition to all this, the mutual differences between the ally parties open a new door to dissension almost everyday. Keeping ANP and MQM satisfied in one and the same time is fairly difficult for the PPP, particularly is the perspective that KP Information Minister Mian Iftikhar had demanded expulsion of MQM from the govt for inviting martial law. A visible change in the public opinion caused by the complaints of ill planning and some excesses by some PPP leaders, as it is said, has added fuel to already blazing fire and the PPP govt seems to be in bad ship. The proposal put forward by Nawaz Sharif for the distribution and management of relief fund coming from abroad and from within the country and Prime Ministers announcement of declaring the council for common interests as the relevant body for the purpose further deteriorated the situation. The political analysts, therefore, are of the opinion that the time following immediately after the Eid could be a tough time for the PPP govt.