Sometimes we get a hat trickat other times just the usual dosageof weekly or monthly damaging news against Pakistan. Making issues out of non-issues is routine and so is creating stories that lead to media hype and emotional trauma for the people. Slowly and gradually, we are getting used to it. We have almost started to expect the western or Indian media to pull out a new rabbit or two from their hat every time a troublesome issue dies down. Why should we be listening to them so rapt or watching their media with such avid attention if it makes us so emotional? We should grow up, be a little more mature, a lot cooler or become totally frigidjust like our political leadership. No matter what happens, they are not bothered. We must understand the objectives of western propaganda and frame an appropriate response. It should also be clear in our minds that in todays world, no one is our friend. It is all diplomacy, hypocrisy if you will, and success in foreign relations requires it. Each country is concerned only with its own economic and political stability. Pakistan is already facing problems on nearly all fronts. This is the time we should all be united to set our house in order and do so on priority. Scandals that are created and fussed over everyday for the sake of demoralizing us, making us weak, should be dealt with diplomacy and tact, and wherever required, with a stern response. A mature approach needs to be adopted by us. In some situations 'wait and see policy can help and we must wait to know the truth. A bold stance and measured, spirited response to stop the malicious propaganda would salvage the national honor, prestige and integrity. The question is can any of us, in this crucial hour, become the torchbearer of hope to get the nation out of these multiple crises? -ANWAR PARVEEN, Rawalpindi, September 3.