Why does not the high judiciary take notice of MQMs open and very public breach of constitution that, ordinarily, would immediately be liable to trial under article 6? The MQM is in power and in cahoots with the PPP both in Center and Sindh, which makes them equally responsible for the unprecedented corruption that has taken place in the last three years. They are now criticizing the waderas and jagirdars after twenty-five months of co-habitation with them in the cabinet rooms of Karachi and Islamabad and that after they had ruled Sindh despotically during Musharrafs eleven years. The history of MQM is chokeful of harrowing stories fullscape on each pagewith tales of terrorism and torture, target killings, bahtta-khori and blackmailing. They have always been in hock with jagirdars and waderas for the last twenty years. How can they now shed crocodile tears on breaches of levees by waderas in Sindh when they have been part and parcel of the administration and partners in every policy and all decision making? Who can forget the blood bath they had given to Karachi on CJPs visit to Sindh capital during Musharrafs time? They were the ones who actually obstructed filing of the FIR against the Karsaz killings when Benazir Bhuttos procession was hit in Karachi. Unfortunately, the greed for power and wealth has blinded PPP and Zardari so much that they have forgotten everything. They are only interested in prolonging their stint in power. The best chance of a revolution, that Altaf Hussain promises to bring, is to walk out of the PPP coalition and demand a neutral government of honest people to hold a free and fair election that could bring in the sort of honest men that can save this country. But Altaf Hussain wont do it now. He is waiting for the moment when his mentor and master Musharraf lands in Pakistan. Only, then, would he stab Zardari in the back. The nation should wake up now to fight its enemies both from within and outside. -SHAHBANO. Z. ALAM, Scotland, September 3.