A report carried by Nawa-i-Waqt indicates that the Intermediate Examination results in Punjab which are in the process of finalization could be as faulty as on the two previous occasions. Though the provincial government introduced computer system two years back, when the results were announced, a large number of students were declared ‘Fail’ despite the fact that they had passed. When the Matriculation result early this year showed several thousand students as having failed, it led to strong protests forcing the authorities to check the results manually, a time consuming exercise that compelled the students to wait for weeks to know the actual position. Thus the results are being prepared with the help of computers as well as manually and the board has ordered reconciliation between the two results to ensure that there is no anomaly and the students are spared undue agonizing delay. One wonders why the computerized results are not being made foolproof by eliminating loopholes in the system. The capability of private companies hired to prepare results ought to have been properly judged before awarding contracts. It must be remembered that unnecessary delay in the announcement of results creates problems for students seeking admission to higher classes as well as for those students who fail and need admission in the same classes. The concerned authorities should ensure that such a situation does not reoccur.