WARBURTON - The apprehension and haste to avoid the wrath of EDO took the life of a woman schoolteacher and left her teacher husband and minor girl with critical wounds.According to detail, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif ordered celebration of Anti-Dengue Day and directed the Education Department to keep schools open on Sunday (last). PST teacher namely Muhammad Pasha of Govt Boys Primary School Baghore, and his wife Musarat Pasha who was also (PST) teacher from Govt Girls Primary School Baghore received a message at 8:00am in the morning that Nankana Sahib EDO Education was about to visit the school.They hurried up in confusion and left the home for their schools on a motorbike and even their minor girl was asleep in her mother's bosom.They were in haste to reach schools as early as possible to avoid the EDO Education displeasure.Meanwhile, the motorbike slipped on a bridge due to speeding resultantly Mussarat Bibi died on the spot while her spouse and minor daughter sustain critical injuries.Muhammad Pasha and his baby were admitted to DHQ Hospital.The tragedy reflects the harassment and scare among subordinate staffers of their officers whose approach, otherwise, should be friendly, consulting and guiding towards them.